Wilberforce University

Wilberforce University: America's Single Greatest Institutional Memorial of the Great Abolitionist

"The single greatest institutional memorial to Wilberforce is the University that ironically bears his name. One hundred fifty one years ago, men and women joined head and heart across the lines of race, class, and confessional statements to create America's first private historically black college and university. Not in London , but in the states of the former British colony, stands an African-American college as a memorial to a white British Member of Parliament. The irony is not lost."

"At the time of the University's establishment, there was polite conversation in America's parlors and colleges about the basic humanity of African Americans. Even more unrealistic for many in that conversation was the ability of African Americans to learn, contribute to society, and exist beyond the pale of forced servitude. "

"Today, that university, Wilberforce University , serves many of America's poorest and under-served populations and transforms their educational dreams into realities. The average household income of Wilberforce students hovers just above the nation's poverty line, but its students have not surrendered their hunger for excellence and thirst for achievement in the midst of economic and social challenge. "

"In one small town named Wilberforce , Ohio , the legacy of William Wilberforce was never forgotten. To the contrary, the Wilberforce legacy was protected, cultivated, and spread. At every commencement, the "Wilberforce Bible" is read, and in the margins are the unmistakable musings and notes of none other than William Wilberforce. Thousands of African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, and Africans have presented their minds, bodies, and spirits at an altar of educational improvement. As a result, countless physicians, educators, lawyers, presidents of liberated African nations, members of the United States House of Representatives, and leaders of churches have graduated from Wilberforce University and make the world a better place. It is more than ironic that in one of the few places where Wilberforce's name was remembered and called that miracles have and continue to happen every single day."


-- The Honorable Floyd Flake, former Member of Congress and President of Wilberforce University

For more information on Wilberforce University , as well as ways you can contribute to its legacy of achievement, please visit www.wilberforce.edu