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"America and Britain," Wilberforce declared, are "two nations who are children of the same family, and brothers in the same inheritance of common liberty."
—from House of Commons speech 19 July 1811

Profoundly inspired and influenced by Britain, America voted to end the slave trade 7 days after Britain's vote in 1807. Two hundred years later, the same two nations unite to remember the legacy of Wilberforce and his friends, to reflect and respond to the growing movement of justice and reconciliation. For the Bicentenary, countless numbers of cultural leaders, organizations, and local cities including Hull, Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London are working closely together to launch programs and initiatives that educate, inspire and transform. These preparations set in motion years ago will culminate not in a single event but in a wave of inexplicable proportions all over the United Kingdom throughout 2007.

"It was the faithful, persistent and enduring enthusiasm of…William Wilberforce…and [his] noble co-workers, that finally thawed the British heart into sympathy for the slave, and moved the strong arm of that government in mercy to put an end to his bondage. Let no American…withhold a generous recognition of this stupendous achievement. What though it was not American, but British…it was…a triumph of right over wrong, of good over evil, and a victory for the whole human race." Frederick Douglass

Today, the UK serves as the exemplary leader of establishing Abolition 200 as a legacy to champion our inheritance of common liberty for generations to come.

Quotes were provided by Wilberforce scholar Kevin Belmonte, the Lead Historical Consultant for Amazing Grace.

2007 Commemorations

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