The Amazing Grace Study Guide

    A valuable tool to learn about abolitionist, William Wilberforce before viewing the film.
    Complies with National Standards in Social Studies and other disciplines.
    Targets grades 9–12

The Amazing Grace Faith Guide

    A valuable tool for church leaders to learn about the impact of William Wilberforce's faith, courage and compassion.
    Useful for engagement and outreach with those of diverse backgrounds and paradigms.
    Guide is designed for adults, including high school adn college students.
    Click here to download the video clips that go along with the Faith Guide.

The Olney Hymns
    The Hymn Amazing Grace first appeared in this hymnbook, published in 1779.
    The collection draws its name from the Buckinghamshire village of Olney, in England where Newton was curate.

Sheet Music for the Hymn Amazing Grace
    There are currently 972 arrangements of the song and more than 1,100 available albums which feature versions of Amazing Grace.
    The fourth stanza of the song changed in 1909. Edwin Excell replaced it with verse from the hymn "Jerusalem, My Happy Home."
    Arlo Guthrie performed Amazing Grace on the opening night of Woodstock.
    Ideal resource for UK secondary school teachers of Citizenship, History and RE. Endorsed by the Black History Foundation.

Ending Slavery: An Unfinished Business
    Ideal resource for UK secondary school teachers of Citizenship, History and RE. Endorsed by the Black History Foundation.
    Explore the history of slavery and equip young people to play an active part in the fight against slavery today.
    Seven lesson plans with supporting materials including differentiated resource sheets and activities.

Gilder Lehrman Collection Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
    Wilberforce, Lincoln, and the Abolition of Slavery: Online Exhibition from the Gilder Lehrman Collection
    This online exhibition presents a variety of original documents and images highlighting the story of the abolition of slavery between 1787 and 1865 in England and America.

The Library of Congress Presents: Amazing Grace Library of Congress Presents Amazing Grace
    Since its creation in 1779 in England, “Amazing Grace” has grown in popularity to become one of the best-known hymns in America. This Web site explores its history through items from the collections of the Library of Congress, from the earliest printing of the song to various performances of it on sound recordings.

Become a World-Changing Church! Library of Congress Presents Amazing Grace
    Share your edeas on how to change the world, here!