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Lord Fox
played by Michael Gambon


Lord Fox played by >Michael Gambon

Meet Lord Fox

Lord Fox (1749-1806) was elected to the House of Commons in 1768 when he was only nineteen. A noted anti-slavery campaigner, Fox collaborated with Wilberforce to lead the fight against slavery. Unfortunately, Fox was taken ill after giving a passionate speech for abolition in the House of Commons. He died three months later on September 14, 1806, shortly before the slave trade in Britain was abolished. Like Pitt the Younger, he was unable to see his anti-slavery efforts come to fruition.

About Michael Gambon

In a career spanning forty years, Michael Gambon has enjoyed success in film, theatre and television. In the last three films of the Harry Potter series, he has reached a new audience, filling the role of Dumbledore, beloved headmaster of Hogwart's School for Wizards.

In 1963, Gambon was invited by Laurence Olivier to be a member of the original Royal National Theatre Company, alongside Maggie Smith and Nicol Williamson. He still regularly appears on stage, receiving many critical accolades for his performances.

In 1965 he made his film debut in Olivier's Othello, and has since appeared in over one hundred films, most recently in Matthew Vaughn's Layer Cake and The Good Shepherd, directed by Robert de Niro with Angelina Jolie. Since completing work on Amazing Grace he has filmed roles in the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Good Night, directed by Jake Paltrow, Celebration, directed by John Crowley, from a Harold Pinter screenplay, and The Baker, directed by Gareth Lewis.